Steelhead Fishing

Spring is one of the best times to go fishing on Wilmot Creek. In southern Ontario, the 4th Saturday in April is opening day for trout fishing and hundreds of anglers flock to their favorite rivers and streams to try their luck at catching a steelhead. Steelhead trout enter the rivers in the spring to spawn, usually during the first warm rains of spring. Steelhead are one of the most finicky fish to catch especially when they are in the rivers.

Finesse fishing with light lines, and small presentations can be very effective. When the water is high and slightly stained the trout are less spooky and can be taken with roe, worms and an assortment of flies. When the water is low and clear as is generally the case on Wilmot Creek, single egg presentations or flies that mimic small stoneflies can be productive. Don’t be afraid to drift your baits into undercut banks and fallen trees, since these are the areas where trout will sit.Fly fishing for steelhead trout can be very rewarding, since hooking into an aggressive trout can be very exciting. Steelhead fight hard and will leap out the water, splash and run down rapids. It can be quite challenging landing a steelhead in the river with light tackle. The average size steelhead in Wilmot Creek is 4-6 lbs although trophy fish in excess of 10 lbs are caught annually. The flies of choice include, stonefly, wooly bugger and egg imitation patterns. Dry flies can also be productive in large slow moving pools, especially during a fly hatch.Fall is also a great time to fish Wilmot Creek. As the days get shorter and the nights colder, steelhead trout will begin moving into rivers and streams, usually following the salmon runs to feast on salmon eggs and other forage which is abundant in the fall. Fall trout are very aggressive and are readily taken with roe, worms, flies and spoons. Don’t miss out on some of the best fishing of the year, fish Wilmot Creek in the spring and fall for the steelhead trout. You won’t be disappointed.

The Wilmot Club members are allowed access to a 3/4 mile private section of the Wilmot Creek. Members pay yearly membership fees to obtain the opportunity to fish in uncrowded conditions. The membership includes the spouse and all children under the age of 21. Along with the fine creek fishing, there is a 20 fish quota for taking fish from several of the stocked ponds on the property. To maintain the health of the stocked fish, please use Barbless hooks only in the ponds.