About Us

The WILMOT CREEK is located near the Village of Newcastle about 45 minutes East of Toronto. It is a beautiful creek which has both private and public sections. Some conservation work has resulted in shaded covered banks and deep pools.

These areas hold the migrating, spawning fish up in the northern sections of the creek for longer periods than in the usual open creeks that lack vegetation on the stream banks. Record size Steelhead and Brown trout are often taken in the Spring runs. Atlantic and Chinook Salmon are spectacular in the Fall.

Creek Access Points

The season is open all year in the section of the Wilmot Creek South of the Railroad tracks. Northern sections are all mostly posted except for a quarter mile section called the Thurn Park Conservation Area. This small area has a parking lot and allows fishing on both sides of the stream within the season. Following a path along this quarter mile section of the creek is a little rugged. There is one private area run by the Wilmot Club that offers exceptional spring fishing opportunities to its members. Sections of the Wilmot have been featured in Canadian Sportsfishing and the Natural Angler TV shows about early Spring Steelhead fishing.

Membership Info

The club uses a 3/4 mile private section of the Wilmot Creek. Members pay a yearly membership fee to obtain the opportunity to fish in uncrowded conditions. The membership includes the spouse and all children under the age of 21. Along with the fine creek fishing, there is a 20 fish quota for taking fish from several of the stocked ponds on the property.


Most members practice catch and release, but if a fish is injured they must be removed from the ponds. Please use Barbless hooks only. The ponds are stocked with Rainbow Trout and Smallmouth Bass. If a member uses up their quota they can arrange to pay restocking fees for the number over the limit. Members access the property by way of a private road and may come 365 days of the year (ice fishing in the ponds is an option).

Some cabin facilities may be rented for a small fee if a member wishes to stay over-night. Limited camping is allowed. A large picnic area complete with covered roof shelter and a large bonfire pit is near the creek and is used for opening day breakfast meeting (brag and tell) and special derby days. Members are allowed to bring a guest with them if they call ahead and get a pass for their friend.

Membership includes exclusive access to a private section of Wilmot Creek and year round fishing in the club ponds. Fun for the whole family! Bring the kids fishing, teach a young angler how to fish. The Wilmot Club has great facilities for both young and old, who knows they might even catch a big one.